About Como

Situated on the shores of Como Lake (a.k.a. Lario Lake), Come is a small city full of charme, able to enchant visitors from all around the world. Its history is connected to the Duchy of Milan and later on to the Austrian Empire, until it was liberated by Garibaldi, in what was to be known as the San Fermo's battle.

Partially enclosed among old medieval walls, the city is a shopping heaven and - in the meantime - it is full of history, as the Dome, the San Fedele Church, the Broletto and the Casa del Fascio (to name but a fews) show.

The city and its region are worldwide famous for the villas which dot the landscape and which host famous personalities, such as George Clooney. The lake and its small villages in the Come area are a vacation must for a lot of people (mainly English and German), who spend their Summers with the feet in the crystal clear water of the lake, fascinated by the beauties of places as Menaggio, Bellagio and Cernobbio.

Step into this enticing area, enjoying the first set of images of a region which takes the breath away...

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